Can You Increase Your Odds of Winning the Lottery?

Can You Increase Your Odds of Winning the Lottery

Who else is looking to increase their chances of winning the lottery? If you are like I used to be when I first started studying statistics, and games of chance such as lotteries, RNGs and games of skill (like chess) I’m sure you’re asking yourself “Can I increase my odds of winning the lottery?”

The answer is yes…..but the question is how to do it. Part of the problem is that the stats don’t show directly on the grid of a lottery slip. Even though they are just a few numbers away you have to wait till you’ve completed the last one before you can see if you’ve increased your odds of winning.

However you can increase your odds of winning the lottery (even by quite a bit if you follow my advice) by following a few simple rules and procedures.

Firstly you’ve got to pick the right lottery game. In relation to me, I used to win the Lotto “Tenth Line Choice” when I lived in Michigan. They don’t pay out any more than Little Lotto but the prizes are tempting. You’ve got to choose the game with the best odds.

My second rule is to pick the same numbers as the ones the winners are picking. It used to be that I’d select my own numbers (sequence of numbers I thought I’d play) and win. This made me a local celebrity, but the newspapers published my Plus 8’s weekly, the TV specials featured my favorite numbers. After a while they started to win as well. Now they just want me to choose the same numbers as they do.

The third rule is to be patient. Be be patient. Don’t expect to win the lottery within a day or two. It can happen but it’s not likely. For once you won’t have to chase after your numbers to find out if you’ve won. You won’t need to do any of that because I’m here to tell you that you already have doubled your chances of winning.

So be patient. Your wait will be worth it.

If you remain patient in the face of all the losses, the frustration, the missed opportunities, or the exhausted home, you will eventually win. At that point you can decide ‘What’s the harm in trying’, and enjoy the excitement.

But you should realise that the lottery is designed as a game of chance. Even though the numbers are “related” to each other in some way, they’re still random. While the laws of probability state that every number has the same chance of appearing in any draw, rhematical laws state that if a number appears twice it will on very rare occasions on the actual draw, and even then only by very large margins.

As the First Law of Probability goes, so goes the Second. The likelihood of your numbers appearing is already fairly low, so watch out for the big jackpot. And don’t think that the smaller prizes are less competitive – they are absolutely not!

The proportion of your chances of winning a prize in Lotto Plus closely matches the proportion of your chances of winning the UK National Lottery (alongside the proportion of your chances of winning the European lottery, which is bigger) – approximately 1 in 13 million. The moment you introduce a filter that reduces the numbers that you are likely to pick – the less people you have to share the prize with, the better your chances are of winning.

Find out about the lottery draw patterns now. You can either get them from the official Bolagila website (which is what I use) or ask the lotto tickets seller. They are normally very good at pulling out losing tickets.