How Phil Ivey Created the Card Counting Secret to Win Bigger Pots at Blackjack

Don’t Allow Yourself To Minimize The Advantage Blackjack Has Over You By Using Simple Card Counting

Most blackjack players are too lazy to learn card counting, and will just use the mathematically correct way of shuffling the shoe. But, if you’re a smart player, you will apply the ½-point rule, which eliminates the houses advantage by a mere 1.52%

Blackjack is still a skilled game of chance, but you can actually gain a small advantage over the casino by using the card counting method. Almost all players don’t understand the ½-point rule, and it is the basis for a method of counting cards called the Hi-Lo Count. Learning this card counting technique is an advanced strategy, but the ½-point rule can be applied to any table game that requires card counting.

Most casinos offer poor payouts on blackjack, but you can actually increase your chances of winning by learning the Hi-Lo Card Counting Secret. No other betting method will ever offer you this kind of an advantage. situs slot gacor The only thing you need to make money in the big casinos is a Student Card Counting Strategy. When you learn this strategy, you can have a small advantage over the casino.

The easiest way to increase your advantage will be to learn an effective card counting method. There are many card counting methods, but the most effective is counting cards with the Hi-Lo Count. That’s because it is the easiest to learn and accounts for the smallest number of moving parts. Also, almost any card counting method requires you to keep track of cards, so you must be able to do it quickly and accurately.

Once you learn the Hi-Lo Count card counting method, you’ll understand why bigger pairs have a greater advantage than lower ranking cards. You’ll learn exactly how to establish your advantage over the casino, and how to take it into account when making your decisions.

You don’t need high-end mathematical skills to become adept at card counting. You just need to learn an effective counting method and put it to work. Once you learn the Hi-Lo Count, you’ll understand why your advantage over the casino will increase as your deck has more cards. You’ll also learn why making the most of your advantage will increase rather than decrease.

In the casino, card counting is illegal, but in some private situations counting is allowed. You can give this method a try in the private security guard’s wagon, or in the back seat of your SUV while waiting at the traffic light.

The easiest card counting system to learn is the Red Seven method. This is the count plus 1 method. You only need to remember the following:

  1. How many cards are in the deck2. The total number of cards in play in the table game you are playing3. How many cards are in the deck when you take your initial bet4. The number of cards left in the deck after you take your Early Bird bonus5. The number of cards left in the deck after all decks are opened6. The number of cards dealt on the table 7. The number of cards remaining in the deck

You must begin by noting which cards are already out, and which are still in the deck. For example, after you have bought your pack of cards, you notice there are four decks of cards in front of you. One deck is Favs, one is regular deck, one is Bluebird deck, and the last is the actual deck you are playing with.

Now you are ready to keep track of the cards played and the one deck left in the deck. Say you see the following cards in the queue: 10 rat, 8 pigeon, Ace with a weak kicker, and King boon. Knowing this sequence, and keeping the other cards in mind, it is time to start counting. You are playing around with your bet size here, because this is the amount you bet when you are waiting for the river to make your hand. Once it is down to four cards, and the deck is down to thirty cards, then it is time to stop counting, and let theourneybility show you how to play the game.

The game is not difficult, but in order to walk away with some profit, you need to remember a few nuances in this game. First, you cannot count cards to win. You can try, but the casinos are aware of this and will have shuffled the deck5. Also, casinos are required to take your money before you can get any of it back.

The great thing about blackjack is that you can lose your money and still walk away if you have over 21. You have about a 1 in 3 chance of walking away with over 21. Some people are good at the game, and can make good money.

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